Remove Druh Farrell from Calgary City Council

Councillor Druh Farrell has been sued. The allegations are serious, and the severity of the evidence is such that she should immediately step down from office or at the very least be prohibited for running in this year’s election.

The allegations in the Statement of Claim are that Druh Farrell:

> Abused her Public Office
​> Acted on matters in which she had Conflict of Interest
​> Defamed business people
​> Economic Self-Dealings (she had a financial interest in the matters she voted on in Council)
> She concealed public documents to conceal her corruption

Read the full Statement of Claim HERE!!

Under the circumstances, Druh Farrell should not only step down as City Councillor for Ward 7, she should not be allowed to be eligible for re-election this year.  She is NOW expecting Calgarians to pay for her legal bills.

City taxpayers SHOULD NOT be on the hook for this elected official’s misconduct! Sign this petition and show your support. Let’s hold THIS City Councillor accountable!

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