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This Statement of Claim was filed by the Plaintiff on May 15th, 2017 in Calgary. It contains several very serious allegations, including:

>   Abuse of Public Office
​>   Conflict of Interest
​>   Defamation
​>   Economic Self-Dealings
​>   Concealing of Public Documents

Read the full claim HERE !!

Farrell has held her seat for 5 terms and has spent nearly 20 years on #YYCCC! It’s time for a fresh approach in Ward 7.

She is anti-development and anti-business.
Her wasteful spending and lobbying for pet projects has been widely criticized.

“Tax-and-spend-Farrell” has consistently received one of the worst ratings on council from The Coalition for Property Tax Fairness. See here “F” grades HERE.

Media outlets and political commentators are weighing in:

Danielle Smith – Newstalk 770
Marcel Latouche – President and CEO, Institute for Public Sector Accountability
Cory B Morgan – Political Commentator 
Rebel Media

Her “accomplishments”:

The councillor and the family suing her have a long-storied history dating back over a decade, and this lawsuit is an overdue answer to years of abuse by this official. Read the full story HERE via CBC News Calgary.



• Her claim to fame is the disastrously expensive $25 Million Peace Bridge or, as locals refer to it, the Stupid, Ugly Bendy Straw Bridge.
• “Bow River Flow, where she closed down one of Calgary’s busiest roads to one lane for a “walking festival”. The event was a notorious flop. Thousands of taxpayers were outraged.
• The public still speaks of the wastefulness that this Councillor has shown in her judgement and decisions on council.

Druh Farrell should step down as City Councillor for Ward 7 AND be ineligible for re-election until her legal issues are settled.

City taxpayers SHOULD NOT be on the hook for this elected official’s misconduct!! Sign this petition and show your support. Let’s hold THIS City Councillor accountable!!!!!



Jeff Angel Transcript_Defamation Bias Evidence

Rocco Terrigno_Affidavit

Jeremy Sturgess_delay until the election evidence.pdf

Jeff Angel Transcript_undue influence evidence

Calgary City Coundil_Indemnification Policy.pdf

Jeremy Sturgess_Defamation Evidence


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